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Welcome to Yara Day Spa. We are pleased to greet you on our website. Take your time, feel free to browse among our offers and let us pamper you and your beloved.


Sanus per aqua – health drawn from water.

The term comes from Latin and it is devoted to heal the body, soul and spirit.


A spa offering a shelter for people who want to hide away from their stressful and troubled life for a few hours.We offer a full day pampering, relaxing, refreshing treatments for women and men too.


The spa takes its name from a name given to girls. Its meaning varies, for the Brazilians it means water lady and in the Arabic culture it means small butterfly.

The Beauty Salon

Yara Day Spa is a modern and relaxing salon providing luxurious and holistic treatments for its clients. At the salon I can assure you that your experience will be memorable, refreshing and relaxing.

Natural colours, candles, scented rooms and background music make your stay enjoyable and help you to relax.

To add to your comfort we offer a cup of herbal tea between treatments to create the harmony between your body and soul.


As a schoolgirl I decided to pursue a career in beauty therapy as I felt that this would be a very thankful job, seeing my clients appreciation and continuous feedback.

With 44 years of experience I am continuously attending conferences, national and international exhibitions to keep myself up to date. Besides gaining a lot of experience in beauty therapy I have always tried to do my best in serving my clients’necessities so I have extended the list of services.

Our medical? masseur will pamper you with a wide range of traditional and specific massages.  To enhance the effect of massage we offer the possibility to try our infrasauna (for two persons) as well. 

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