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Relaxing massage

In this massage, classic Swedish techniques are combined with gentle touches, in order to soothe both muscle and spirit.

60 mins  : 7.000  HUF

80 mins  : 11.500  HUF


More intense massaging techniques are used to invigorate fatigued muscles and dissipate all stress-related tensions.

60 mins  : 8.500  HUF

80 mins  :  13.500 HUF

110 mins: 19.500 HUF

 Vinotherapy massage


The healing properties of grapeseed oil is combined wiht a warming massage using red wine.This
herapy combined deep

tissue techniques,range of motion and resistance work to promote healing and  prevention of injuries.Specific areas are

addressed to release  and relax tired muscles.Designed for the physically active person.

90 mins  : 18.000  HUF

Cleopatra' s ceremony

Treat your body with a special ceremony, started with peeling, followed by a massage using enriching oil with honey.

To complete this experience,the ceremonyíis continuing with body wrap containing cream(butterfat),honey and lemon oil to make your skin smooth as silk.


90 mins  : 18.000 HUF

Foot massage

Got no time for a complete massage session? By getting your feet and hands massaged, the entire body can unwind and relax.

50 mins : 6.000 HUF

Back massage

Along with the spine, the muscles of the back carry the entire weight of our body. This session can relax and unburden them.

30 mins: 4.500 HUF

45 mins  : 5.500  HUF

Pomegranate & fig massage

Pomegranate & Fig massage

Hydrate your hands, feet and body with Cuccio Naturalé Pomegranate & Fig Massage Crème. Enhances workability control and extends massage time while giving a hydrating skin treatment. No rinsing required. Infused with potent anti-oxidants. -


40 mins : 6.500 HUF

80 mins : 12.500 HUF

Milk & Honey massage

A non-oily, intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin. Honey extract, a natural humectant, moisturizes and adds vital nutrients, with a soothing scent of Milk & Honey. Great to use after exfoliating with the milk & honey sea salts.

40 mins :  6.500 HUF

80 mins :  12.500  HUF

Papaya & Guava massage

Papaya & Guava Butter

40 mins : 6.500  HUF

80 mins : 12.500 HUF

Lemongrass & Lavender massage

Lemongrass & Lavender Butter

40 mins : 6.500 HUF

80 mins : 12.500 HUF

Tuscan citrus & herb massage

A non-oily, intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin. Extracts from orange and clary sage have nourishing and soothing properties.

40 mins :  6.500 HUF

80 mins : 12.500 HUF

Matispa candle massage

Be immersed into your own relaxing and de-stressing realm as you get  a massage with warm melted oil from a candle fragrances of spring.

80 mins  : 12.000  HUF


Sweet pleasure which has many pampering effect,including colour aroma and the soft texture of the chocolate cream.This special treatment pampers the body and soul ,while the skin recovers it's hydrated  nourished statement.

40 mins :  6.500 HUF

75 mins :  12.000 HUF

Hot stone massage

Using heated stones this treatment helps to release muscle tension more quickly than tradicional massages :ideal for people who are stressful and have busy lifestyles.

50 mins : 7.000 HUF
 75 mins  : 13.500 HUF

Lava shell massage

Lava shell is a  100% natural tiger clam shell.

The warmt of the Lava Shells allows deep relaxation in this bespoke body massage treatment.The shells glide over the back to warm and relax muscles.The focus then moves onto specific massage techniques working on pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness,delivering an intense and poweful massage treatment.Good for General relaxation,general back aches and pains,headaches a pampering treat.

75 mins : 13.500 HUF

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